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Suera, Inc


TV Mirrors, Televison Mirrors for Bathrooms by Seura

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Seura Mirror with Television inside, Looks like Mirror when TV is off, Mult-Sizes and Finishes tvmirror
Lead time will vary from 2-6 weeks. Mirror with an LCD TV inside (15" or 20" screens available.) Mirror can be Surface Mounted or Recessed . Watch the morning news while shaving and brushing your teeth. Includes Free Shipping in the continental US. See below for detailed description and above for additional specs.

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Detailed Description

Rest assured that when you purchase a Séura™ Television Mirror, you are investing in uncompromised quality. Our EDTV Enhanced Series uses Sharp LCD’s for outstanding performance and exceptional reliability. Séura’s Enhanced Series features 15” or 20” liquid crystal displays.

The Séura Television Mirror is available in either a recessed or surface-mount configuration. Recessed units fade completely into the wall, completing the illusion that the TV is just a mirror. Surface units mount on the wall much like a fine painting and side panels can be finished in wood (oak, cherry, maple) or polished mirror. Speakers are included in all Enhanced Series models, and a number of standard size units are available for both recessed and surface-mounted units.

Séura also excels at customization and can accommodate the most specialized design and discriminating tastes.



You asked for it, now you got it. Framed! Our framing specialist is on staff at Séura to offer you eclectic and elegant custom framing solutions. Each of our high-quality frame options are unique solid wood frames, available in a variety of styles and finishes. Now your TV Mirror can be complemented by a four-tiered frame option.

"Elegance" offers both traditional and contemporary options.
"Encompass" affords a perfect option for surface-mounted units.
Our "Classic" line is timeless and traditional,
and the "Designer" series is unique stacked and textured framing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.        How does the television mirror work?

A:         The mirror is uniquely designed to discreetly and aesthetically incorporate a LCD television.  This exclusive mirror is made of a specially formulated mirror that allows a picture to be viewed when the television is powered on.   When it's turned off, the LCD television is completely hidden from view.


Q:        What does the mirror look like when the TV is off?

A:         When the TV is off, the product looks and functions like an ordinary mirror.  The entire mirror is reflective and the TV is not visible.


Q:        Is there something special about the mirror that is used in this application?

A:         Yes.  All Seura products utilize a patented mirror technology that is specially formulated to generate a crisp, clear picture from the LCD as well as to mask the television behind a complete mirror reflection when it is turned off. 


Q:        Is the mirror a conventional two-way mirror?

A:         No.  A conventional two-way mirror has physical properties that distort the color of the mirror and provide a poor television picture.  The exclusive Séura Television Mirror is a patented product that provides a high quality reflection without distorting the color while providing a clear television picture. 


Q:        Can I order a custom mirror size?

A:         Yes.  We can provide most mirror sizes that are smaller than 40” (W) x 70” (H) or 70” (W) x 40” (H).  Contact a Seura Dealer and Rep Agency for more information about getting a quote.


Q:        Can I get a television mirror with a different size screen?

A:         Yes.  Depending on the mirror size, there are many screen sizes to choose from.  The most common sizes are 13", 15", and 20".  For the bathroom, 13" is the most common size because it provides an adequate screen size without occupying the majority of usable mirror space.  For sizes larger than 20”, the project is to be quoted.


Q:        Where is the location of the television?  Can I select the location?

A:         The standard location of the television is in the bottom center portion of the mirror.  If this location does not work, Seura can provide a quote for a custom location.


Q:        What type of LCD do you use?

A:         Our products incorporate components provided by Sharp Corporation.  Seura believes it is important to incorporate the best performing and most reliable LCDs.


Q:        Can the mirror be purchased separately, or can I incorporate any TV?

A:         No.  The television mirror is a complete product.  The LCD is carefully integrated with the mirror at the factory to ensure proper functionality.


Q:        What is the difference between the Recessed and Surface Mount Models?

A:         Both the Recessed and Surface Mount Models function the same.  The difference between the models is the Recessed Series hangs on the wall similar to a conventional mirror.  It has a flush-like appearance, extended ½” from the wall.  It requires a small cut out in the wall to contain a portion of the unit.  The Surface Mount Series mounts on the wall like a picture frame and extends approximately 3” from the wall.  This model does not require a cut out hole in the wall.  The Surface Mount Series comes with either unfinished wood (cherry, oak, maple) or mirror side panels.


Q:        How is the sound generated from the television mirror?

A:         The speakers are self-contained within the television mirror.  The sound is generated out the bottom of the unit on both the recessed and surface mount mirrors.  The recessed mirror hangs approximately ½” from the wall when mounted to allow for the sound to travel out. 


Q:        Can I hook up my DVD player or external sound system to the television mirror?

A:         Yes.  The mirror has standard A/V inputs and outputs that enable use with a variety of inputs such as satellite, cable, and antenna.  In addition, the audio output could be used an external sound system to deliver improved sound.  Both fixed and variable audio output is available.


Q:        How is your product serviced?

A:         The product can be removed and serviced from the front. 


Q:        Does the product have dry storage?

A:         Currently, the product only functions as television mirrror without dry storage.


Q:        How do I operate the LCD?

A:         A infrared remote control is provided with the unit and can operate the LCD through the mirror when it is pointed in the direction of the television.


Q:        Is your product UL approved?

A:         We use all UL approved components.


Q:        How deep is the television mirror?

A:         Television Mirrors with 13” and 15” LCDs are 3" in depth, which will require 2.5" of depth into the wall.    The 20” models are 3.25” in depth and require 2.75” into the wall.


Q:        Is the remote control water resistant or waterproof?

A:         No.  The remote should be kept away from any area in which it can come in contact with water.


Q:        Does the Séura Television Mirror have a sleep timer on it?

A:         Yes.  Please refer to the installation instructions to operate this feature.

Additional Information
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