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Made In the USA - 3 Star System!

We believe that you should be more informed as to how items are considered to be Made in the USA.   So we have implemented a 3 Star Rating System to let you know HOW an item is considered Made in the USA.

The more Stars and item receives, the more it is considered Made in the USA.

   A Material Star means at least 50% of an item's components are mined or produced in the USA.
   A Fabrication Star means that the item was 'substantially transformed' into another item through some type of manufacturing or fabrication in the USA.
   An Assembly Star mean that the item was assembled or put together in the USA.


What does the “Buy American Act” mean? 

Please support "Domestic End Products".   Be wary of advertisements of Product Compliance Lists.  They sometimes include products not made in the USA.  Read Below! 

 The Buy American Act only allows the purchase of products for government/public use in the USA that qualify as Domestic End Products EXCEPT… 

 1.  If the Domestic End Product price is more than 6% higher of the foreign product – inclusive of duty & transportation (more than 12% higher the product is made by a small business).  This is referred to as the “Unreasonable Cost Exception” as the government has deemed it Unreasonable for our country to pay more than 6- 12% more for products made in the USA. 


 2.  If the products are on a Non-Availability List – These are items/materials not normally found in the US in sufficient quantities for supply and demand.


 3.  When there is an agreement in place with a foreign government that provides a blanket exception to the Buy American Act.  Countries with a Free Trade Agreement include Australia, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, Oman, Peru, Singapore, and Israel. Other countries also qualify through the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement but the list is long.  "Least developed" countries and the "Caribbean Basin" countries shouldn’t be left out either.   Please NOTE that in these instances minimum contract amounts must be met and this exception does not apply to smaller contracts.  There are also other factors when applying this exception.  Each case needs to be considered individually to determine if the exception is applicable.

Individual products made in these countries do not qualify on any Compliant Product List as this exception only applies to situations with minimum dollar value CONTRACTS. Only actual products that can be called Domestic End Products can be listed on a Buy America Compliant Product List.

  If any of the above 3 exceptions apply then a foreign made product may be purchased.

 Below are simple definitions of terms commonly being used.

 Domestic End Product - Definition 

  End Product mined or produced in the US and the cost of the Domestic Components must exceed 50% of the cost of all the components.

  Domestic Construction Material - Definition

  Construction Materials mined or produced in the US and the cost of the Domestic Components exceeds 50% of the cost of all its components

  Domestic Construction Material (Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) - Definition

  Must be manufactured (assembled –substantial transformation) in the US without regard for where the components come from.

  US Made End Product - Definition

This type of product is viewed as foreign product and the 12% factor is applied. An Article that is mined or produced in the US or is “Substantially Transformed” into a new, distinct article.

Below is the link to read more…

BuyAmerican Act

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