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 EWS Environmental Water Systems available for immediate delivery.  You'll Find the Lowest Prices on EWS Environmental Water Systems Here.  Please search for other items besides the EWS Environmental Water Systems to complete your remodeling project!  .  

Click Here to View All EWS Filtration Systems

Free Shipping on All EWS Environmental Water Systems in the Continental US.

EWS pioneered and has been the leader in whole home water filtration since 1987. Enjoy chlorine-free, easier wipe-up of mineral spotting, scale inhibiting, filtered quality water for your entire home all for the cost of a cup of coffee per day.  Systems are available for City Water and Well (untreated) Water and water main service lines from 3/4"-1"-1 1/4"- 1 1/2" - Commercial Grade 2".  We offer the entire EWS line of products.  Call us if you need help or anything not shown on the website.

 Maintenance free for up to 10 years before filter media replacement.


Detailed Info


Whole Facility Commercial Grade Filtration & Conditioning System for 2" main water service line EWS-1665

Price $8,547.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home CWL Filter Media Kit Replacement - M/GAC1354

Price $575.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home CWL-1035 LTD Filter Media Kit Replacement - ICN/GAC1035LTD

Price $259.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home CWL-1054 Filter Media Kit Replacement - ICN/GAC1054

Price $284.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home EWS Filter Media Kit Replacement - Completely Assembled (5 sizes) T-ICN/GAC1354-1

Price $1,650.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home Filtration & Conditioning System for City Water- COMPACT VERSION-SMALL SPACE EWS-1035-LTD

Price $2,350.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home Filtration & Conditioning System for City Water EWS-1354 (3 sizes)

Price $3,569.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home Filtration & Conditioning System for City Water- SMALLER VERSION EWS-1054

Price $2,650.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home Filtration for Well Water or where Water Hardness is not an issue - COMPACT SPACE CWL-1035-LTD

Price $1,889.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home Filtration for Well Water or where Water Hardness is not an issue - SMALLER VERSION CWL-1054

Price $2,215.00



Detailed Info


Whole Home Filtration for Well Water or where Water Hardness is not an issue CWL-1354 (3 sizes)

Price $2,479.00


Municipally treated water is city, tap or water from your utility. You or your homeowners association pays a bill. This is water that is metered, monitored, tested and treated and is the most common type of water found in the United States. This water is highly regulated by Federal, State and Local Agencies.

Information on this water is complete and readily available to the public as reported through the local utility or water district. 

Well water is typically a private individual source of water or a private source of water to a small community.

This source, unlike municipally treated water, may be unregulated and may not be monitored, treated or tested on a regular basis.

Information on this water is dependent on the individual and testing may be non-existent, limited and/or outdated.

The most popular system sold in the United States since 1987.
Imagine a bottled drinking water factory for your home for the cost of a cup of coffee per day. Most homes have central heat and A/C, you can now enjoy the upgrade and benefits of EWS "Central Water Filtration."

The EWS-1354 is the standard unit designed to filter all your water throughout your home and to assist with the problems associated with water hardness (naturally found calcium and magnesium minerals). Enjoy chlorine-free, easy wipe-up, filtered water for your entire home or facility. Maintenance free for up to 10 years. Designed for any home with a 3/4" to 1" main water service line and moderate to high water hardness (up to 500 mg/l or 30 grains) and flow rates up to 15gpm. Larger units are available based on your main water service line size.

Click here for a tearsheet on the EWS Series, including this model.

Click here for a complete PDF booklet on this model.

EWS water filtration protects you and your family.
EWS filtered water can be used for all purposes, for you, your family, and your pets and plants.

• Drinking and cooking
• Bathing and showering
• Steam and sauna

Sixty-five (65) pounds or 2.5 cu.ft. of medical high-grade granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration media removes chlorine, chloromines, pesticides, lead, and other volatile organic compounds (VOC's), creating a healthy environment and improving the taste, clarity and odor of all your water.

EWS water conditioning protects your investment in your home.

EWS physical conditioning helps solve problems associated with hard water (up to 30 grains) without the disadvantages of softening, salts, and chemicals. In use worldwide, our catalytic process is called Increased Calcite Nucleation (ICN). Once the water has been filtered, the water travels up through the riser and the manifold containing the ICN, where the conditioner breaks apart the calcium and magnesium minerals from the bonds of the water molecules. Once in suspension, the minerals become attracted to each other and form concentric patterns which no longer adhere to surfaces, actively inhibiting scale formation.

What does this mean for you and your home?
* Prevent or inhibit scale build-up in pipes and water heaters
• Easier wipe off and clean up of water spotting than untreated water
• Use less soaps and detergent
• Protects the warranty on your home's appliances
* Environmentally-friendly — no salts, no chemicals, no corrosive softeners
• Feel clean after your shower instead of the "slick" residual softener feeling

EWS delivers healthy, valuable results for the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

Shower in chlorine-free water, enjoy filtered water from every sink, wipe up water spots easily, no salt or brine discharge, use less soaps, and prevent scale build-up within your pipes and water heater — creating a healthier environment for you and your family.

In addition, EWS will deliver water throughout your home at the flow rate and pressure you are used to. The maintenance-free unit automatically backwashes, which does not allow the filtration media to pack, channel or pool, preventing any bacterial build-up and providing continuously renewed surface area for filtration. Change out our biodegradable carbon media (GAC) and ICN conditioner up to every 10 years based on your usage and conditions.

EWS is the environmentally-friendly solution to your water concerns.

• EWS is the alternative to sodium or potassium chloride water softeners
• Actively inhibits scale buid-up in pipes and water heaters without the corrosive damage softeners cause
• Replaces costly and environmentally damaging bottled water
• Safely removes chlorine and chemicals, resulting in healthier water for skin, hair and body systems
• Creates a healther environment for absorption and inhalation in the bath, shower, steam, and sauna
• Does not need routine maintenance
• Natural and biodegradable filtration media

EWS is easy to install and use.

Installation of these systems is as easy as installing a water heater.
Complete information comes with every unit and is available online. Needed is the connection to the main water service line to filter the entire home, a convenient place to drain eco-friendly backwash water (not a brine discharge) and a simple 110 outlet to keep the valve time.

• Use on any home with a 3/4" to 1" plumbing (service) line
• Installs easily at the main water supply line to your home
• Maintains the flow rate and pressure you are used to
• No salt-softened water plumbing "loops" or bypasses needed (these are used to prevent drinking taps, pools, and plants from using salt softened water)
• Drain (backwash) water is safe and can be used for plants and gardening
• No environmentally destructive brine discharge
• Safe for pets, plants, pools, spas and plumbing
• Protects the integrity of your home's appliances, fixtures, accessories, finishes and surfaces
• Valve only consumes the power of a doorbell to maintain time and automatic backwash operation 

Physical conditioning can have a limited effectiveness with water hardness up to 500mg/l or 30 grains and greater. Similar to issues with softeners and ion-exchange, conditioning can be adversly effected by abnormal levels of pH, alkalinity, and/or silica. Please consult with your sales associate or EWS, Inc. to establish proper aesthetic expectations, helpful household hints, or a combination of product and your best alternatives.   

Well water is required to have independent, complete and proper testing of your well water to determine the proper course of action in order to specify the correct system(s).

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